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Created by humans over the centuries, the historic Lava Caverns are one of a kind and a must-see for visitors to the “Vulkanpark Osteifel” and Lake Laacher See.

Over an area of almost 3 km2, a network of underground lava caverns is spread out below the town of Mendig. At a depth of 32 metres, you can discover a “landscape” that is unique in this world. Long ago when the volcanoes erupted and the land was covered in fire and ash, a stream of lava also flowed towards Mendig. An event that previously spelt disaster and hardship became an important way to earn a living for the people who resided here in the Middle Ages. In numerous tunnels and shafts, the people of Mendig began to excavate and make use of the precious black building material basalt rock. And so the Lava Caverns were created. In the mid 19th century, 28 breweries took advantage of consistent temperature of the caverns (between 6 and 9°C) and used them as a warehouse to store their beer. With the invention of Linde’s cooling technology, the breweries gradually left the caverns until only one remained. Left over is a maze of caverns that you can visit as part of a guided tour.

Please note that access to the Lava Caverns is only possible with a guide. Click here to find out when tours take place and to discover more information relating to your visit:

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Get married at the Lava Caverns

As an “outpost” of the Mendig registry office, weddings may be held at this venerable location if a suitable date can be found.

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