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The Museumslay is a permanent-exhibition, open-air museum located approximately 400 m from the Lava Dome in Brauerstraße. It displays the various equipment used to carry out the difficult work that went on at the former mine. Belonging to the town of Mendig, this quarry site – known as a Lay in the local vernacular – was the jewel in the crown of the Mendig masonry tradition.

Here you can find out about old working methods such as the individual steps for rupturing basalt rocks. Ashlar, made from the local volcanic rocks, is also on display as are artistic sculptures. A colliery blacksmith, who would have made tools for the miners, was also located on this site.

Set off on a tour of the Museumslay and enjoy a journey back in time to when the miners and masons of Mendig toiled away at the basalt rock.

Open all year round. Entry is free of charge.

Museumslay 14

At the entrance to the museum, visitors are greeted by a horse engine, a true replica of the winches that were used in days gone by to convey the heavy Mendig basalt rock above ground from the rocky caverns below.

Museumslay 09

On entering the site you see a very special exhibit – the Schläsch Express, a replica of an old mine train complete with wagons. To the right of the site you can find cobblestones as they were previously used, a Roman fountain made from tuff stone and various natural stone examples used in road construction.

museumslay huette

In the lower section of the Museumslay is a mason’s hut and a pit crane. The crane was used to load stones and take them away for further processing.


Brauerstraße 20
56743 Mendig

Get married at the Museumslay

As an “outpost” of the Mendig registry office, weddings may be held at this venerable location if a suitable date can be found.

Andrea Paulmann
Standesamt Mendig | Marktplatz 3 | 56743 Mendig
Email: | Phone: +49 2652 9800 24

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